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Our clients are mainly US and European companies that deal with complex situations in ambiguous regulatory environments and cutting-edge technology matters.   We work with our clients to serve all their legal needs and help them find solutions and remove blockers.


We also have a special passion for startups and we work with many across the region and abroad as we understand the challenges they face and work with them hand in hand to achieve mutual successes. 



We strive to provide quality and prompt services. We think it is important to enable providing legal services to all individuals and businesses of all sizes and across all industries and we work very hard to make that happen.


We shall always work to maintain our approach as enablers and true business partners to our clients.  



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(Managing Partner-UAE)

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+971 7 204 66 44

Email: samer@splawyers.com




(Jordan Office Partner)

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Email: dana@splawyers.com

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